Things to Keep in Mind When Getting Invisalign – Roanoke, TX

Metal braces have been around for many years now, and people who underwent the procedure were happy with its amazing results. However, not everyone finds the approach comfortable and favorable. They also worry about the brackets and wires made of metal that almost make up their whole mouth. Instead of waiting happily for their new and improved smile, they wish to hasten the treatment to get rid of the metal components as much as possible.

Fortunately, the advancements in dentistry made way for the emergence of newer options that people can consider in their aim of getting the smile they have always dreamed of. One of the most popular options nowadays is clear aligners, specifically the brand Invisalign. Instead of using metal components, the new approach utilizes a thermoplastic material that is both durable and flexible in delivering a sufficient amount of pressure for the teeth’s movement. Due to this, people who have been avoiding the conventional orthodontic approach find the new option more favorable. But, before undergoing an Invisalign treatment, there are things we at 6 Day Dental & Orthodontics want everyone to know first.

Clear Aligner

Must-Know Invisalign Facts

  • Clear aligners like Invisalign are not bonded on the teeth; instead, they are molded to fit both the upper and lower arches perfectly.
  • New wearers may find it hard to speak properly after wearing a new set of aligners, but do know that this is not permanent. As soon as the patient adjusts with the appliance in their mouths, the normal speech will return.
  • Patients may find snacking troublesome since the frequent they eat, the more time they need to spend cleaning the orthodontic appliance and their teeth. It comes as good news to people who are trying to lose some weight.
  • Like the teeth, Invisalign aligners require an adequate amount of care and attention to stay in good shape. With that said, patients should observe proper oral practices by cleaning the aligners using the right tools such as a soft-bristled toothbrush, gentle soap, and lukewarm water.
  • Patients are advised not to drink any substances with strong colors since doing so can compromise the virtually invisible aesthetics of the appliance. To avoid staining and damaging the device, only cold water is advised.
  • To get the best possible results, the patient’s commitment to wear the aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours a day and to follow other given instructions is imperative.

If the patient prefers a clear, removable orthodontic appliance to fix the imperfections that have been bothering them for years, investing in Invisalign would be ideal.

At 6 Day Dental & Orthodontics, we are sure to entertain our patients with any of their questions about Invisalign in Roanoke, TX. To know if one is a good candidate to undergo the orthodontic treatment, scheduling an initial consultation is best.