Steps to Counter Teeth Grinding in Allen, TX

Oral care routine – excellent. Dental checkups & cleanings are in perfect attendance. Not to mention your newly whitened pearly whites that are seating brightly inside your mouth. You definitely deserve an award for acing your oral health — if only your teeth grinding habit is fixed.

Experiencing bruxism is devastating. Without you knowing, your pearly whites start to flatten or change in shape because of the constant grinding of the upper and lower teeth. The condition needs to be mended as soon as possible – how? There is, unfortunately, no cure for bruxism. But here’s the good news: You can minimize its adverse effects.

6 Day Dental & Orthodontics brings about Night Guards. A night guard is a piece of teeth protector made to cushion the teeth against unnecessary forces. It is customized from the patient’s own teeth impressions and created using high-quality materials. With that, people can take advantage of the said oral device for an extended period. Surely, night guards can help patients safeguard their pearly whites from sensitivity, wearing, and fractures. Plus, they can get away from the negative impacts of bruxism such as loose teeth, frequent headaches, and sleeping troubles.

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Dentist-Backed Tips To Combat Bruxism

Apparently, the first recommendation from every dental professional is for you to acquire a night guard. After receiving the teeth protector, you can start following these additional tips.

Wear the night guard when sleeping

It is essential to use the oral device during sleep if you are a nighttime teeth grinder. A night guard serves as a barrier that blocks the teeth against the possible damage brought by bruxism. But if there’s one thing that you need to take note of, it is the fact that you are not advised to purchase a night guard over the counter. Aside from the risk of ill-fitting teeth protector, store-bought night guards also aggravate your teeth grinding habit.

Control stress as much as possible

There’s a significant link between stress and bruxism, so the best thing to do? Manage your tension in any way that you can. Book a beach trip to relax. If you are in a tight budget, you can visit a salon and have your nails done instead. Spending time with your loved ones is also a great way to de-stress. Whichever you choose, make sure that it can surely help you relax.

Do not let bruxism ruin the aesthetics of your smile! Call us at 6 Day Dental & Orthodontics for your Night Guards in Allen, TX. You can find our office at 1205 W. McDermott Dr. #120, Allen, TX 75013.