Dental Sealants: Your Partner for Teeth Protection – Flower Mound, TX

Proper dental hygiene and care have always been helpful in the care and maintenance of the overall dental health. However, some instances cause dental hygiene to fail in keeping the mouth clean and healthy. Hard to reach places can serve as the breeding ground of bacterias which makes it prone to damage and decay. One example is the deep grooves and pits located on the molars (back teeth). Even with the use of a thin and soft-bristled toothbrush, it is still insufficient for the proper cleaning and maintenance to prevent any types of damage.

The purpose of Dental Sealants is to act as a barrier that prevents the accumulation of bacterias on the deep grooves and fissures on the occlusal (chewing) surface. It is directly applied to the surface without getting in the way of proper chewing.

We at 6 Day Dental & Orthodontics provide Dental Sealants to help in the prevention of dental issues and the proper maintenance of the overall health of patients.


How are Dental Sealants Applied?

  • The treated tooth is thoroughly cleaned to make sure that there will be no underlying issue once the sealant is placed.
  • An etching solution is applied directly to the tooth to roughen its surface slightly. It ensures the proper bond of the sealant material to the tooth.
  • The etching solution will be rinsed off, and the treated tooth will once again be dried for the application of the Sealant.
  • The dental sealant is directly applied to the roughened surface properly to prevent it from affecting the patient’s proper bite and chewing. The sealant can be left to harden, or a special curing light can be used to hasten the process.
  • Necessary adjustments can be performed by the dentist to make sure that the sealant can properly protect the teeth from damage.


Benefits of Dental Sealants

  • Dental Sealants can be performed to anyone at any age, as long as their teeth are not yet badly damaged by decay.
  • The placement of the sealants is noninvasive making it ideal for children without causing any pain and discomfort.
  • Prevents the accumulation of food leftovers and bacteria on the deep grooves and pits.
  • The treatment does not only prevent tooth decay but also stops it from developing further.
  • Smoothes the occlusal surface for better cleaning and maintenance.


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