Bone Grafting in Flower Mound, TX: Post-Treatment Tips

In dentistry, a bone grafting surgery is performed on patients who want to restore their missing teeth using dental implants, but do not have enough jawbone to support the prostheses. The procedure is known for its ability to revitalize the weakened jawbone. Here at 6 Day Dental & Orthodontics, bone grafting is available in our clinic. We encourage patients with deteriorated jawbone to undergo the treatment first to ensure a successful implant procedure.

Bone grafting procedure may sound scary, but in truth, a local anesthesia or sedation option can be used to provide patients with a comfortable experience. Pain and discomfort will not get in the way during the treatment. However, for the person to guarantee a hassle-free experience even after the surgery, it is vital to know the proper aftercare of bone grafting.


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Things To Do After a Bone Grafting Surgery

Keep these tips in mind to avoid any delay in your recovery period:

  • The most typical side effect of any surgical procedures is swelling. But like root canals, a person can soothe the swollen area using an ice pack. Place a cold compress on your mouth, cheeks, and eyes as these are the areas where swelling usually takes place. Do it using an on and off method. You can allocate 30 minutes of your time placing the ice pack on the affected part and rest for 30 minutes as well. Repeat the whole process for the entire day.
  • Cancel your workout routine at the gym two to three days following the bone grafting surgery. Also, be sure to request time off from work beforehand. Remember, withdrawing from any strenuous physical activities is crucial during this time. Hasten the healing process by getting an adequate amount of rest.
  • Bleeding occurs for 12 to 24 hours after the procedure. Control it by keeping the gauze intact in the treated site. It is also useful to apply pressure on the pad for an hour. Nevertheless, if the bleeding lasts for days, call the dentist immediately.

In case of sudden fever, prolonged bleeding, worsening of the swollen area, or dislodged grafting material, seek our assistance at 6 Day Dental & Orthodontics.


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