Oral Surgery & Dental Implants


Oral surgery encompasses several different surgical procedures including wisdom teeth extractions, dental implant preparation, over denture preparation and osseous (periodontal) surgery. Unlike many other dental offices, 6 Day’s specialty staff performs these procedures in-house at one of our 3 offices in Allen, Flower Mound or Roanoke, TX.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Also known as third molars, these teeth begin to erupt through the gum line at the very back of the mouth between the ages of 15 and 25 years. Many times a patients jaw is too small to accommodate these 'wisdom' teeth, leading to either of two unhealthy conditions: crowding of existing permanent teeth, or impaction—the incoming molars get stuck in place. In order to avoid these complications and keep one’s permanent smile in tact, the wisdom teeth are extracted in a simple, routine surgery.

FAQ's about Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Dental Implants

Dental implants are permanent replacements for missing teeth. They are most often made of titanium and consist of an anchor or root (the implant) and an abutment and crown (the prosthetics). The dental implant is surgically placed into your jawbone, under your gums, and actually encourages your bone to attach to it. This secures the implant into your jaw. The prosthetic is attached to the integrated dental implant to complete your new smile. They can be used to support single teeth, bridges, over dentures or the All On 4 solution, an excellent alternative for those with significant tooth loss.

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Osseous (Periodontal) Surgery

Periodontal disease is an infection of the tissues that support your teeth. Periodontal diseases attack just below the gum line where they cause the attachment of the tooth and its supporting tissues to break down. As the tissues are damaged, pockets (gaps) form between the gum and bone line resulting in bone loss. The goal of osseous surgery is to correct these defects and irregularities in the bone surrounding the diseased teeth with an ultimate goal of reducing and/or eliminating the periodontal pockets.

All-On-4 Treatment Concept

All-On-4 technology is an advanced technique whereby a whole arch of teeth is supported by only 4 implants (in rare cases, up to 6 implants). It can be used for either upper arch, lower arch or full mouth restoration. As opposed to dentures, All-On-4 technology is a fixed/non-removable solution that look and feel like natural teeth. All-On-4 technology results in similar success to those of traditional implant techniques. For the vast majority of patients, All-On-4 overcomes several of the problems associated with existing techniques such as dentures and implant supported dentures.

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