What does the Mighty MolarMan Seal of Trust mean for me as a patient?  In a nutshell, it means EducationCharity, and Smiles for the whole family!  Let’s take a closer look ... 


Your doctor works hand in hand with Mighty MolarMan & Friends to educate families on the importance of good oral health and to encourage children of all ages that coming to the dentist can be fun, especially when they can visit with their superhero, Mighty MolarMan!!


Mightymolarman.com is dedicated to education and donates a portion of their proceeds to local schools.  As a Mighty MolarMan affiliate practice, you can rest assured that your dentist contributes to this cause.  To find out more about how your school can participate, visit mightymolarman.com.

Patient Care (smiles) 

Mighty MolarMan affiliate practices are family/independently-owned and operated.  Your dentist therefore has a long-term commitment to the patients to give the best care possible.  Corporate practices typically have a much higher turnover of staff and doctors.  If you enjoy building long-term relationships and seeing the same doctor, hygienist, and staff for your regular cleanings and treatments, then a Mighty MolarMan family-owned practice will bring smiles for you and your family !!

Also please be aware that many corporate practices disguise that they are corporate-owned and/or operated.  The Mighty MolarMan Seal of Trust ensures that a given practice is indeed family-owned, and committed to the best possible patient care for families.


Your doctor has a long-term commitment as a practice owner, and has a substantial warranty for dental work that he/she performs. 

Dental Insurance Solution

Your doctor offers discounts via the Smile Care Plan for patients with no dental insurance.  

Also, we don't believe in high fees!  Your doctor makes every effort to keep fees reasonable for the quality of work provided.   Being a part of a large buying group helps keep expenses down, and these savings are passed along to patients by keeping fees as low as possible.

Molar Mart SAVINGS

By being a loyal patient at a Mighty MolarMan affiliate practice, you receive priority access to special discounts and promotions for Molar Mart products … exclusive sweepstakes and contests are available only for you!!